• August 9, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on Celebration Of ‘Victory Day’

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on Celebration Of ‘Victory Day’

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance extends its sincerest thanks and appreciation to the free, deeply patriotic Egyptian people who came out today (Thursday) in a dazzling response to the invitation to ‘Victory Day’ activities.

Tens of millions of Egyptians turned out into public squares throughout the nation to affirm the greatness of the Egyptian people and their determination to regain their stolen freedom.

While the people were celebrating in Egypt’s liberty squares full of pride and dignity – while symbols of freedom celebrated amid tens of millions of people, the July 3 coup commanders hid in military barracks surrounded by dozens of collaborators amid heavy security.

This confirms that the July 3 coup has failed and that the coming days will see the people reclaiming their will and their freedom.

We call upon the masses of the great Egyptian people to continue to take their families to liberty squares to celebrate ‘Victory Day’ together on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so the world should witness the civilized nature of Egyptians defending democracy and electoral legitimacy.

The Egyptian people stand steadfast. The passage of everyday will only increase their determination to persist in peaceful protest and the peaceful struggle to restore the democratic process, until the coup is fully defeated and the legitimacy of the January 25 Revolution is reinstated.

The starting points for the marches to be launched after Friday prayers in Cairo are as follows:

1. Suhaib Al-Rumi Mosque – Sharabeya

2. Taqwa Mosque – Shubra Al-Khaima (Orabi Bridge)

3. Al-Quds Mosque, Marg Street – Ain-Shams

4. Noor Al-Mohamadiya Mosque – Matareya Square

5. Aziz-Bellah Mosque – Al-Zeitoun

6. Salam Mosque – Al-Hayy Al-Asher, Nasr City

7. Fateh Mosque – Khalafawy

8. Al-Hamd Mosque – Al-Tagamou Al-Khamis

9. Al-Mahdi Mosque – Salam City (Al-Arba’een Street)

10. Al-Maraghi Mosque – Helwan

11. Rayyan Mosque – Maadi

12. Abu-Bakr Mosque – Dar-El-Salam

13. Amr ibn Al-Aas Mosque – Misr Al-Qadeema

14. Noor Mosque – Abbasseya

15. Fateh Mosque – Ramses

16. Tawheed Mosque – Ghamra

17. Istiqama Mosque – Giza Square

18. Assad Ibn Al-Furat Mosque – Dokki

19. Khatem Al-Morsalin Mosque – Imraniya

20. Khalid Ibn Al-Walid Mosque – Kit Kat

21. Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque – Mohandessein

22. Al-Maghfira Mosque – Mohandessein

23. Al-Sabah Mosque – El-Haram Avenue

24. Mashari Mosque – El-Haram Avenue

25. Al-Rahma Mosque – El-Haram

26. Tawheed Mosque – El-Arish St intersection with Faisal St

27. Al-Hussary Mosque – Sixth of October

28. Ragheb Mosque – Sixth of October

After Friday prayers, marches from all mosques are to gather at the nearest starting points for million-man marches that will be launched, also after Friday prayers, in all governorates of Egypt under the slogan "The people want to overthrow the coup".

God save Egypt, its people and its army from the wicked deeds of some of its leaders.

God Bless Egypt…

Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: August 8, 2013