• September 14, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement Salutes All Egyptians for Friday, September 13 Demonstrations

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement Salutes All Egyptians for Friday, September 13 Demonstrations

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance presents its sincere thanks, appreciation and respect to the great Egyptian people for their astounding response in nonviolent protest activities on Friday, September 13, 2013.

This positive response indicates the people’s insistence on continuing their peaceful struggle to overturn the coup and show loyalty to the martyrs, who, with their blood, ignited the Egyptian people’s Revolution, hijacked by the coup commanders and collaborators on July 3, 2013.

The Egyptian people have affirmed that they lead their Revolution, in spite of the military coup terrorism that robbed their freedom, and notwithstanding the criminal media campaigns by the military propaganda machine and private media owned by Mubarak regime businessmen.

The Egyptian people turned out Friday to tell everyone they will not be cowered by the brutality of the military and security machines, and will not be confused by the torrents of lies spewed out by their provocative media.

The people have also affirmed that their peacefulness increases the strength of their demands, in spite of the detentions and hunt for those rejecting the coup.

The great masses that turned out in all provinces across Egypt without exception have further affirmed that they no longer need a call to demonstrate and express their rejection of the coup, or to strive to restore legitimacy.

All Egyptians have seen and lived the clearly and alarmingly deteriorating economic conditions, after Egypt had set foot on the path to revival and growth during the period before the heinous bloody coup.

That growth has been confirmed and underscored by official local and international reports regarding growth rates and increasing inflation.

Meanwhile, coup leaders continue to try and bury human rights, committing unspeakable violations against all those who reject or oppose the coup, detained in jails and prisons throughout the nation.

It therefore is no surprise that more than 150 of anti-coup detainees have started hunger strikes. Of those, 137 are in the Beni-Suef General Prison, and a number of journalists and activists of the Rassd News Network, who have started hunger strikes in detention in response to mistreatment towards them in military coup prisons.

The most recent of these brutal practices was the violence by security forces, and thugs allied with them, towards many of Friday’s demonstrations – as witnessed in Mahalla – and the arrest of some female protesters as they made their way home after ending demonstrations in Alexandria, even though the curfew had not started.

The Alliance calls on the great Egyptian people to continue their revolt and their rage in peaceful protests Saturday, which commemorate one month since the massacres of clearing Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda sit-ins, in million-man marches under the slogan: "Loyalty to the Martyrs".

The people are moving towards victory, while the coup is dying off. The best evidence for that is the rabid state of the coup leaders and their puppet regime in extending the state of emergency, expanding the powers of arrest, detaining all those who oppose them – or oppose the coup – from all political currents, and bringing farcical false charges against them. All this is evidence of weakness of the coup in the face of this great people and its blessed peaceful protest.