• January 1, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Anti-Coup Christian Movement Welcomes New Year with Sadness for Egypt

Anti-Coup Christian Movement Welcomes New Year with Sadness for Egypt

 In a statement Wednesday, Michael Sidhoum, Secretary-General of the Christians Against the Coup (CAC) movement, said: "CAC welcomes the new year with sadness and regret for a year that has passed, taking away the hopes of Egypt’s youth for a better future for their country. The movement deplores the serious deterioration in conditions after more than a year of the illegitimate coup that ushered in a militarily rule more oppressive and corrupt than ousted Mubarak’s repressive regime that preceded it.

"The current regime has trampled the rights of humans, plants and animals in Egypt. Unfortunately, it has not restored the rights of Egypt’s martyrs who died in the Church of Two Saints explosion, nor those who were crushed under armored military police vehicles in front of Maspero TV building. Meanwhile, the Church and its meek leadership, seem reluctant to take any action, although they never hesitated to actively use spilled blood for their purposes, talking about "Martyrs of Christ" and "Martyrs of the Church" and so on. Furthermore, this is quite unlike what they did when some churches were methodically attacked and burned at the same time, in the absence of any policemen or the usual protection and without anyone ever getting put on trial for those attacks."

Sidhoum accused the Church and its leaders, saying: "With their statements and actions, they are instigating the worst sectarian strife, with hate and rage that could burn the whole homeland, amid total intellectual chaos. This has to stop now before it’s too late.

"Egypt that Jesus blessed, and in which he found refuge in the days after his birth, is grieving over the bloodshed, the violation of sanctities and its transformation from a refuge for the oppressed to a large prison from which all those who can flee, in order to survive, away from the repression, corruption and complete lack of any kind of Justice.

"No-one can accept or offer congratulations, be happy, rejoice or celebrate any occasion when their neighbors are mourning the loss of loved one or worse: the loss of basic human dignity… Christ’s message was peace on Earth and goodwill among the people, but now we find ourselves amid desperate attempts to plunge the country into sectarian conflict between Christians and Muslims."

In conclusion, Sidhoum said: "We wish peace to Egypt and happiness to all its people. This will be achieved only with the restoration of rights and justice, and an end to persecution and repression which plagued this country’s good people who deserve a better future for themselves and their children."