• August 7, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Anti-Coup Coalition Calls for Protests to Commemorate 2nd Anniversary of Rabaa Massacre

Anti-Coup Coalition Calls for Protests to Commemorate 2nd Anniversary of Rabaa Massacre

 The new Pharaoh comes decked out in finery, boasting, celebrating an illusion with his supporters, and distracting Egyptians from the second anniversary of his worst crimes against the people and against humanity at large, his mass-slaughter of thousands of innocent Egyptians in the Rabaa and Nahda massacres.

Meanwhile, the memory of the martyrs killed in the two massacres reminds us of this heinous murderer’s crime, of these martyrs’ sacrifice for their faith, their homeland and the January 25 (2011) Revolution. It reminds us that they still await our victory, achieving what they died for, and exacting retribution for them from their traitorous killers.

We assure that this blood and those sacrifices by  all revolutionary factions will not go in vain, and that we are certainly on the path of the Revolution, committed to its principles, and will exact retribution for its martyrs, its wounded and those who are missing.

Two years went by since the most horrid humanitarian crime, the worst massacre in the history of Egypt; but on every day of these, the men and women of the Revolution turned out in protest action and made sacrifices, in exemplary persistence and steadfastness, in the face of the most barbaric machine of murder and repression.

Never distracted by junta delusions, deception and lies, the men and women of the January 25 Revolution give the world a new example of resisting oppression, despotism and brutal military coups.

On the second anniversary of the massacre of the century, innocent blood is still being spilled in the streets by junta militias, and inside detention centers across Egypt. We mourn four new martyrs who passed in the last few days: Sheikh Ezzat Salamoni in Tora Prison, Mohamed Ghozlan in Abadeya Prison, Mohamed Ramadan in Sohag Central Security Compound, and Sheikh Salem Morgan in the notorious Aqrab Prison. May God bless them as martyrs, and grant their families patience and fortitude to bear their loss.

Marking this second anniversary, the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance confirms that it will remain in permanent session to follow up the non-stop peaceful popular protests. We urge people not to fall for Al-Sisi’s illusions regarding the so-called new Suez Canal or any other phantom projects.

We call on the masses of patriotic Egyptian people to join a roaring revolutionary wave of non-violent protests that should continue until the end of August. We wil demonstrate in all the major streets and public squares, under the slogan "Rabaa: Earth will not drink up blood".

We further remind everyone at home and abroad that the Rabaa and Nahda massacres were the largest massacres of freedom, democracy and dignity. These massacres, and those before and after them, are the worst crimes and shame of a military junta that sacrificed thousands of Egyptians to protect the power it illegitimately usurped and the corruption and tyranny of its despotic deep state tentacles.

Furthermore, those massacres reaffirm that the Egyptian people – all segments and factions, who paid with all that blood for their resistance against despotic corrupt military rule, are willing to sacrifice more blood in order to rid the homeland of the evil of the treasonous junta and to liberate this homeland of its dictatorial grip, its plundering of Egypt’s wealth, and its trampling of the people’s will, dignity and freedom.

The Egyptian people who have – for two years now – remained steadfast in the face of the most barbaric forces of repression, violence and destruction are capable of standing steadfast until they achieve their legitimate objective of restoring their will, freedom, dignity and their Revolution – until they restore civilian rule to Egypt and return the army to its barracks.

Victory for the Revolution… Glory to the martyrs

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – August 7, 2015