• March 15, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Anti-Coup Coalition to All Egyptians: Save Egypt Real Future

Anti-Coup Coalition to All Egyptians: Save Egypt Real Future

 The Egyptian people did not feel the billions of Gulf dollars looted by the murderer Al-Sisi and his corrupt gang, only the rising prices and doubled poverty for less than two years under failed military rule. Not that anyone is likely to feel any new billion-dollar handouts that gang, which celebrated today (Friday) a so-called economic conference attended by countries even poorer than Egypt, to promote a mirage future to Egyptians. This dead-born conference has nothing to do with Egypt’s national economy. It is just a an illusion, a slight-of-hand, just like other imaginary projects promoted by the junta, such as the invention that cures AIDS and the building of one million residential apartments, which never materialized.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance hails the outstanding steadfastness and awareness of the masses of the Egyptian people that came out today in all streets and squares of Egypt, refusing to sell Egypt, endeavoring to build a real future for this homeland. The Alliance is pleased with the great national response to its call for consultation about revolutionary escalation, which must be based on tight planning, relentless resolve, unwavering love for the homeland, and unshakeable determination to stand for the rights of all Egyptians.

The Alliance welcomes the growing popular rejection (by more segments of the Egyptian people) of the failing Al-Sisi and his corrupt gang, and calls on all Egyptians to move from a position of wait-and-see to one of action and active support for the homeland, which must not be left to collapse, whatever the sacrifices we have to make.

The Alliance will not accept that revolutionary, peaceful protesters turn into ‘numbers’ of martyrs and prisoners. Therefore, the next steps to move towards Itehadia Presidential Palace are under consultation. We will take into consideration all the possibilities, but everyone must realize that the peaceful Revolution is still committed to its original principles and chosen path from which it will not turn back or retreat. The Revolution will persist in its escalation, which will save the homeland and protect the interests of the people.

The Alliance assures that working on the preparation of a revolutionary principles document does not conflict with any constructive efforts seeking revolutionary unity. The Alliance is keen to listen to all perceptions of the various segments of the Egyptian people, and welcomes all opinions and points of view.

In conclusion, the Alliance will remain in session, and will announce its decisions regularly through official statements. Everyone has to do his or her duty to save Egypt without fear, without returning narrow personal or partisan interests, and without relying on anything but popular will. We shall remain the voice of the revolutionary masses, especially the selfless youth.

No voice is louder than the voice of the Revolution

Victory for the Revolution

Down with the rule of the murderers

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – March 13, 2015