• November 30, 2014

Anti-Coup Jurists: Deposed Mubarak Acquittal Null and Void

Anti-Coup Jurists: Deposed Mubarak Acquittal Null and Void

 The anti-coup Independence of the Judiciary Front (IJF) in Egypt rejects the shameful verdict acquitting ousted pharaoh Mubarak, his two sons, Habib Al-Adli and six senior security officials of charges of murdering unarmed January 25 (2011) revolutionaries and of financial corruption.

IJF confirms that Saturday’s court ruling will be challenged, especially since it was issued in violation of clear and unequivocal evidence upon which Mubarak and all his associates should be executed for murder. IJF pledged to refer Mahmoud Al-Rashidi, the trial judge, to the Disciplinary Board.

IJF said that Saturday’s flawed judgment completes the plight of the judicial institution after the military coup, a natural result of the ongoing massacre of honest judges, and a strictly political decision that has an obvious relationship with the illegitimate coup, the military junta and the mobilization of armored personnel carriers and tanks throughout the streets of Egypt days before the verdict was announced. IJF warns that this ruling will open the doors of popular retribution and revenge as authorities insist on trampling justice.

IJF further confirms that the People’s Court, held in Tahrir Square during Mubarak’s ouster, headed by Judge Mahmoud Khudairi (currently detained on trumped-up charges), with participation of some of Egypt’s best and most honorable judges and lawyers, issued a ruling to hang Mubarak, his interior minister and other senior officials, and dealt with all crimes for which the ousted president has not been tried as yet.

In conclusion, IJF called on all supporters of the independence of the judiciary and the justice system to respond positively, by closing ranks in solidarity with the people’s demands to execute Mubarak and his aides, before and after the military coup. IJF vows to continue its "Retribution" campaign, headed by Judge Imad Abu-Hashem, for the defense of Egypt’s right to retribution, the right of the judiciary in upholding justice and independence, and the right of the families of martyrs and prisoners in holding the perpetrators accountable.