• August 20, 2016
  • 6 minutes read

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls for ‘Rights of the Poor’ Protest Week, Popular Uprising Preparations

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls for ‘Rights of the Poor’ Protest Week, Popular Uprising Preparations

What General Sisi and his gang are doing to Egypt’s economy and Egypt’s poor cannot possibly be described as economic reforms – which is what he claims to be doing. In fact it is nothing but vandalism. Sisi is crushing the poor and low-income people. Egypt is undoubtedly heading to a popular uprising against the mad monstrous price rises.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance repeatedly warned of General Sisi and his policies sabotaging this homeland, Egypt. The Alliance reiterated that the people will rise in revolt against this economical and political fiasco. We call on all the free, patriotic and honorable groups to be prepared to engage in a popular uprising, to uproot and oust the saboteurs of the homeland, to put an end to poverty, and to halt the successive waves of absurd price rises, in a comprehensive framework that aims to save Egypt and Egyptians and to revive and fulfil the demands of the January 25 (2011) Revolution: freedom, social justice, human dignity.

Even though the dysfunctional Sisi regime is not concerned about a possible repeat of the 1977 popular uprising in Egypt (that protested price hikes), and is preparing to take the same economic measures bound to crush Egypt’s poor, in favor of the coup regime and the junta’s own interests, the people, the homeland and popular will shall triumph in the end.

In this context, the Alliance calls on the masses of Egyptian people to join the "Support the poor’s rights" week of peaceful protests, which begins Friday, as part of the ongoing revolutionary wave ‘Leave’, to reject the International Fund loan, economic collapse, and the extreme impoverishment of the Egyptian people. High prices everywhere is beyond the capacity of any Egyptian, while off-loading financial burdens on the backs of Egyptians has become the easier solution for the dysfunctional Sisi regime, whose policies threaten disastrous consequences.

If there was hope in supporting the economy in the presence of General Sisi and his coup regime, we would be the first to put the interests of the country and people above all else. But this the blundering junta leader has wasted the Gulf grants, demolished the Egyptian Pound, eliminated all means of building a real economy, and drained all the homeland’s resources on false projects meant to beautify the face of the coup regime. There is no way to fix this economy unless and until Sis and his gang are ousted.

The people of Egypt cannot keep quiet about the mad price rises and the junta regime’s tragic failures. This is no provocation for the benefit of a certain faction or political orientation, as some claim, but an alert to save Egypt and the rights of Egyptians before it is too late. Everyone is getting a bitter taste of the injustice and fascism others suffered for over 3 years now. There simply is no alternative to unity and mobilization of popular will against all forms of economic, social and political injustice.

For more than three years, we have been endeavoring – against Sisi’s coup regime – to restore the popular will and the demands of the January 25 (2011) Revolution. We are still true to our pledge. We are still as committed as ever. We want for the January Revolution alone to win, with all its demands to be fulfilled, so the Egyptian people can live a decent life, and all the free and patriotic political forces and revolutionary youth to come back to serve their homeland, without exclusion, demonization or feuds, in a partnership that benefits the homeland as a whole.

We warn against harming detainees in coup prisons. We warn against retaliation policies pursued by the murderous Sisi. We will not accept surrender or subordination. We will only accept the will of the Egyptian people to rule this homeland, without injustice, tyranny or exclusion, as the army returns to its barracks, and all manifestations of militarization of the country are eliminated.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

The revolutionary wave – Leave