• October 14, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Stop Executing the Poor and the Oppressed” Peaceful Protest Week

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Stop Executing the Poor and the Oppressed” Peaceful Protest Week

Instead of wisely using the money of the Egyptian people, who can barely afford to buy a bag of sugar, or stopping the absurdly increasing imposition of taxes or the rising prices, the traitorous Sisi has squandered the people’s money in a huge celebration of his sham parliament, sold state lands to the king of Bahrain – in violation of the law, forfeited Egypt’s rights in the maritime borders to Greece and Cyprus, while his betrayal of Egyptians in the handover of Tiran and Sanafir Egyptian islands is still fresh in the people’s minds.

Traitorous Sisi, the treacherous thief, does not represent Egypt in any way; he represents the military junta – a gang that rules over Egyptians with force of arms, absurdly high and rising cost of living, gross injustice and extreme oppression. His political stances can only come from a traitorous mercenary who sells Egyptian lands and political positions to the highest bidder, and shamefully supports the Russians in their crimes against the Syrian people in the Security Council.

Egypt is living some of the hardest, most difficult days in its history. Its return to its dignified status and important role in the protection of Arab national security requires all Egyptians to be united, act sincerely with steeled resolve, to help the homeland overcome the economic crises and increasingly injustices, by ousting the treasonous Sisi, who is executing Egyptians with death sentence, extrajudicial killings, poverty, disease, unemployment, injustice and oppression.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls a new week of popular rage under the title "Stop the execution of the Poor and the Oppressed", as part of the "Leave" wave of the revolutionary resistance. The Alliance affirms that a decisive day of public anger is coming. Egypt will witness momentous days, remarkable in its history, where all Egyptians will chant in support of the Revolution for freedom, social justice and human dignity.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

The revolutionary wave "Leave"