Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Celebrate Steadfastness” Protest Week

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Celebrate Steadfastness” Protest Week
Eid Al-Adha (Muslims’ Feast of Sacrifice) is onto us, and in every home in Egypt there are poor people or families of political prisoners suffering horrific atrocities under the military coup junta’s repressive regime, which is dealing everyone tremendous injustice and absurdly soaring prices, and refuses to listen to voices warning against the consequences of its crimes against the people and the homeland.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance congratulates the Egyptian people, the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi and all the detainees on Eid Al-Adha; and calls for a "Celebrate Steadfastness" week to endeavor to bring joy to the poor and political prisoners’ families, especially on these days when more steadfastness, peaceful struggle and defense of the homeland are urgently needed.

As a part of the Egyptian people, we bear a great responsibility in the history of this homeland, and we have paid a greater tax in the face of a ferocious coup whose disasters have impacted everything in the country – exactly as we warned beforehand, especially the rising prices, human rights and the homeland’s sovereignty over its territories.

We reiterate that will never abandon the January 2011 Revolution, its demands or its democratic gains, which will continue, and its first slogan "Freedom, social justice, human dignity" will remain our goal, that we seek to achieve, without compromise, exaggeration or concession.

There is no room for despair in rescuing Egypt from a deteriorating reality. Our path, despite all its difficulties and challenges, is certain to reach the patriotic goal of preserving the homeland and wresting the rights and achieving the legitimate demands of Egyptians.

A call that we will not give up, for all those who believe in Egypt’s right to a dignified life and a modern civil state that respects human rights and the January 2011 Revolution: come, let us unite and together oust the failing Sisi and his cronies.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance