• September 10, 2013

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls Women’s Dignity and Freedom Marches Tuesday Afternoon

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls Women’s Dignity and Freedom Marches Tuesday Afternoon

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance urged the masses of free, patriotic Egyptian people to positively participate in the "Dignity and Freedom for Egyptian Women" demonstrations, which kick off in the afternoon of Tuesday, September 10, to support and honor the steadfastness of free Egyptian women who stood against the coup in defense of the homeland, freedom, the popular will, and the right of the poor to social justice, and to reject the military-appointed government’s failed policy against Egyptian women.

The Alliance called on every father and every mother, every free revolutionary young man, woman and girl, every defender of women’s rights – trampled under the feet of the failed coup’s government as it killed young women and girls, arrested, tortured and fabricated charges against women.

Indeed, this illegitimate government humiliated and insulted patriotic women and girls, detaining some 240 girls under the age of eighteen, for no crime except protesting peacefully against the coup.

Those nonviolent women and girls were rewarded by the putschists’ security forces with live bullets aimed to kill and barbaric, humiliating arrest and detention, something which never happened under British occupation, the monarchy that followed, Nasser, or even Mubarak.

Those who justify or beautify these crimes against women, and those who keep quiet about them, in the National Council for Women or human rights organizations defending women’s rights: why are you so silent?

Why the double standards in the defense of women’s rights? Don’t you feel any remorse, any pangs of conscience, as you see peaceful Egyptian women’s blood being spilled with impunity, and their right to life is violated, for nothing but opposition to the coup and the exercise of the right to express their opinions in completely nonviolent protests?

To all the great people of Egypt: Let the afternoon of Tuesday September 10 be the day of victory for Egyptian women’s rights, the day of expressing gratitude, thanks and appreciation for the millions of women who have been participating alongside men in the peaceful defense of popular will, of the homeland so it should be shared by everyone without exclusion, tyranny or dictatorship.

To all the Egyptian people: Raise the photographs of the female martyrs Hala Abu-Sheasha, Asmaa Beltagy and other women and girls killed by the coup’s forces. Say it loud: We will not accept violations of what we hold sacred, violation of honor, and we will persist in peaceful protests until the injustice of this failed coup government is eliminated.

We will continue to repeat: military coups stand against justice and freedom, against women and humanity.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

September 9, 2013