• November 9, 2013
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Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls Protest Rally Saturday Outside Cairo High Court

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls Protest Rally Saturday Outside Cairo High Court

The July 3 coup commanders and collaborators have failed to stop the thundering millions of Egyptians, from all segments of society, who turn out every day in peaceful protest marches against the military coup and in support of electoral legitimacy, despite the brutal attacks, crimes and the massacres committed by coup militias against unarmed demonstrators.

Most notably, Friday (November 8) demonstrations in all governorates of Egypt, that joined the "Egyptian Women A Red Line" million-man march, have rattled the putschists, who have suddenly realized that their end is near, no matter what they do. And so are their trials. So, they unleashed their armed militias against peaceful demonstrators in desperate attempts to stop or disperse them by force – with live bullets and birdshots, and poisonous gas bombs, killing a child in the governorate of Giza, injuring dozens and arresting a large number of people from hospital on Friday.

After killing the above-mentioned child in Giza, coup forces took away his body, bringing to mind a scene that shook the world – when another child (Mohamed Al-Dura) was killed at the hands of Israeli occupation forces as he clung to his father. However, Israeli forces did not go so low as to take away Dura’s body after killing him like the military coup forces did with the Giza child’s body in Egypt.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance holds the leaders of the July 3 coup fully responsible for all the heinous crimes they and their forces have committed against Egyptian women and children, youths and elders.

The Alliance assures that these putschists will not escape justice or punishment for all the crimes they have committed. Nothing will immunize them. They will most certainly be held accountable. Further, the Alliance reiterates that these crimes will not deter or intimidate the free and patriotic Egyptian people, who will continue their march until the coup is completely defeated and constitutional legitimacy fully restored.

The Alliance strongly denounces the National Council for Women (NCW)’s total silence about the attacks, violations and unspeakable crimes against Egyptian women committed daily by the coup forces and armed militias. The Alliance believes that the NCW only represents Mervat El-Tellawi [Chairwoman] and her inner circle group, and no longer represents the Egyptian people. In fact, the NCW’s silence with regard to the arrest of Egyptian girls peacefully demonstrating against the traitorous military coup and the violation of their rights inside detention center amounts to a tacit approval of and complicity in those crimes that it must answer for.

The Alliance hails the thundering millions of free and patriotic Egyptians who turned out Friday in the "Egyptian Women A Red Line" million-man march, and calls on all citizens to demonstrate throughout the week under the title "Freedom for the Honorable" and support the rally Saturday November 9, 2013 (11 AM) organized by the "National Committee for the Defense of the Oppressed" in front of Cairo High Court.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: November 8, 2013