• August 22, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Anti-Coup National Alliance Urges More Solidarity, Active Participation in Retribution Revolt Protests

Anti-Coup National Alliance Urges More Solidarity, Active Participation in Retribution Revolt Protests
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement regarding the fourth revolutionary wave "Retribution is Our demand":

Utter failure, violence and chaos besiege the military junta and its delegate at Itehadia Presidential Palace, who sells sheer illusions and lives in them. Meanwhile, the Revolution is on a peaceful path of persistent progress and is gaining more popularity every day as it expands into new areas of Egypt and wins more hearts and minds in Egypt and abroad.

The putschists’ crises will not be solved by committing more heinous crimes of terror and violence, betrayal and treachery, corruption of justice or murder in the dark dungeons. They have already trampled all red lines, arresting the elderly, women and children, and holding terribly ill people hostage in prisons. They should realize that, sooner or later, they will have to surrender to the reality being created daily by the raging people of Egypt to stop the plundering of this homeland.

Heavy darkness interrupted the writing of this statement, as the electricity was cut off, a regular occurrence these days – a reminder of the people’s suffering and pain caused by coup crises, like these class-specific power cuts. While the ruling tyrants and their cronies enjoy uninterrupted electricity, the poor areas and middle-class alone pay the price in the "ease the loads" game.

In fact, this energy problem is escalating rapidly, exposing the junta’s fiefdom or class mentality, and announcing the failure of military rule yet again. Even though the military has ruled Egypt for long decades, the junta is trying desperately to blame all its failures on the revolutionaries, while junta ministers announce that the problem will plague Egyptians for four more years.

The National Alliance appreciates the extensive public protests that flooded the streets of Egypt last week. It calls on all Egyptian citizens to move in a fresh week of the continuing revolutionary wave "Retribution is Our Demand" in order to wrest their rights from the criminal junta, which threatens the security of the homeland, its people and its territories, and plunders its wealth and resources.

Thus the people live in darkness after the junta squandered the homeland’s energy for decades, giving it away to the Zionist enemy at the cheapest prices, while it removed subsidies in order to increase the people’s suffering.

Now, it is the duty of all Egyptians, all factions and all colors of the political spectrum to join the Revolution. No-one can be excused any more, especially after the revolutionary advances achieved by the vanguard of the raging people. Now, it is the duty of everyone who at all cares for their faith, religion or homeland to support the revolutionaries in coming protests, in the framework of self-defense and safeguarding the future with commitment to peacefulness.

We must maintain the revolutionary momentum. We must defend the gains of the people and the revolutionary movement, so Egyptians can lead the Revolution forward, ready for the August 30 protests, with more ingenuity and resilience, in memory of the martyrs and the day of rage. We will not allow the military junta to crush Egypt or steal the Revolution.

The streets are ours… Retribution is our demand… Freedom is our goal.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Wednesday – August 20, 2014