• January 27, 2014
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Anti-Coup National Alliance Vision for Completing January 25 Revolution Path

Anti-Coup National Alliance Vision for Completing January 25 Revolution Path

"One Revolution… One Blood… One Murderer"

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms that:

* The January 25 Revolution is the people’s revolt in which Egyptians wrested their rights and liberty to establish a State of law and order, freedoms, independence for national decision-making, development, social justice and human dignity.

* All the heinous plots against the popular Revolution since February 11, 2011 including the forced disappearance of the legitimate elected President and the subsequent massacres and terror will not intimidate the people who will unite in the face of despots and dictators, and policies of plunder, deliberate impoverishment and dependence on and subservience to foreign powers.

– Revolutionary developments on the ground are going from strength to strength, increasing in intensity and ingenuity, creating a unified revolutionary scene starting from January 25

– The National Alliance confirms its declared strategic vision, and the following goals for the upcoming revolutionary wave:

First: Uniting free patriotic efforts to reclaim the January 25 Revolution, completing the popular revolt, achieving its goals, and entrenching its gains, by overthrowing the corrupt Mubarak regime in full, having toppled its heinous head in the first wave.

Second: Ending the rule of the murderous military junta who committed most, if not all, the shameful bloody crimes since January 25, 2011 that culminated in the military coup against constitutional legitimacy, as they bear full responsibility for all the Egyptian blood spilled since January 25, 2011 until now.

Third: Achieving retribution for the blood of the martyrs killed by the putschists since January 25, 2011 and releasing all detainees, in order to restore freedom and human dignity for our people.

Fourth: Empowering revolutionary youth to manage the state and build the future of Egypt in accordance with the objectives and principles of the glorious January 25 Revolution.

Fifth: Purging state institutions – the media, security apparatuses, the military, executive authority and the judiciary, achieving true independence of the judiciary, and upholding the principles of integrity, transparency and the rule of law.

Sixth: Ending the link between wealth and power, and rooting out corruption, to achieve social justice and save the poor from the ruthless greed of capitalism.

Seventh: Achieving national independence, ridding Egypt of subservience to all foreign powers, and emphasizing that Egypt’s national security extends to all parts of the Arab nation, and that retreat onto ourselves will only isolate Egypt and increase the fragmentation of the Arab nation.

Eighth: Correcting the path of religious institutions, achieving independence for Al-Azhar as an important institution, stopping the hostile campaigns of sedition and discord, and refusing the presence in Egypt of a state within or above the state: all Egyptians are equal, alike.

* All revolutionary men and women of Egypt must wisely manage and revitalize the revolutionary scene to achieve common objectives, and not deviate from the true path of the popular revolt, according to the revolutionary work plan as follows:

A. The first revolutionary wave will be followed closely by repeated persistent sub-waves. Those will not be limited to a single day. The successive waves will begin on January 24, and last until February 11. Peaceful protest events will start with "Revolutionary Challenge" Friday.

B. We will mass in a majestic rally in Greater Cairo, the icon and capital of the Revolution. Then, an escalation of revolutionary action will follow in all provinces, with complete commitment to non-violence and controls of peaceful defiance and resistance.

C. We will reject any attempts to dwell on mistakes of the past. Instead, we will focus on mobilizing, inviting all Egyptians to participate in this powerful revolutionary wave. The Alliance deeply appreciates the statements of apology for mistakes made in the revolutionary path and the call for unity.

D. Management of situations on the ground will be left to revolutionaries, to act according to developments of the scene, with regard to timings, locations and the nature of activities, to guarantee maximum positive results and maintain the flow of revolutionary momentum throughout this huge wave.

E. The Revolution’s slogans are our banners. We will not get into pointless arguments or disputes. We do not have or seek any control over any revolutionary protester. No one of us has an exclusive claim to the truth.

Let us all chant: "Bread, freedom, social justice, human dignity"… "Down with military rule"… "Down with the corrupt regime: the junta, the judiciary, the media"… "The people want to overthrow the regime"… all under the general banner of "One Revolution… One blood… One murderer".

At this crucial time for our dear homeland, the National Alliance wishes to send the following messages:

1. We call on the loyal sons of this homeland in the police and the military to uphold religious and human principles and high morals of loyalty and patriotism, by not using weapons against Egyptians trying to save the police and army from the consequences of continuing to serve personal interests of deceiving despots who sacrifice everyone to secure their own survival.

2. We call all components and segments of the homeland we all share, those who have not yet been stained with blood, to participate in this uniting all-embracing revolutionary wave, and not lag behind. We exhort them to put aside narrow personal and partisan interests and join our ranks under the banner of the glorious people’s Revolution that holds true stability and rejuvenation for Egypt.

3. We call on all nations of the civilized world to stand positively by the Egyptian people and the freedom they seek as they write a new and innovative historical epic in the defense of freedom, dignity and democracy.

4. We call on fair-minded free people in Al-Azhar and the Church to pull away the fake religious cover of legitimacy that some of them have cast upon the murderous military coup and its crimes, and to lead the effort for stability rather than division and discord.

5. We urge to all revolutionary men and women of Egypt to have faith in God and trust in the Almighty. Victory comes only from God, but we must steel our resolve and prepare ourselves.

In conclusion, the National Alliance is in the heart of the revolutionary masses. It will not accept the destruction of this homeland or deliberate impoverishment of the people. It will not allow the junta to sell this homeland to its enemies, shed the blood of its citizens, or violate its sanctities. The Alliance pledges to move boldly forward on the path of the Revolution until victory.

Triumph for the revolutionary people of Egypt…

Long live the revolutionary youth of this dear homeland…

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 22, 2014