• December 5, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Revolution Until Victory’ Wave of Peaceful Popular Protests

Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Revolution Until Victory’ Wave of Peaceful Popular Protests

 Day after day, our Revolution forges forward to its ultimate goals: ending military rule, toppling the junta-appointed regime, reinstating the democratic process and achieving for all Egyptians liberty, social justice and human dignity.

As our steadfast Revolution goes from strength to strength, the coup regime crumbles – day after day, with its allies at home and abroad rapidly shunning it, jumping away from its sinking ship, just as many of those who earlier rushed to cheer and support the coup are now jumping ship to join the Revolution, after the true face of the treasonous junta was revealed to all.

Certainly, some others are still hesitant. We invite them to make up their minds and actively partake in the Revolution, once again, in order to accelerate the elimination of murderous military rule and the return to civilian rule produced by the January 25 (2011) Revolution.

With anti-coup protesters’ steadfastness and devotion, and as we approach the start of the major revolutionary wave in January 2016, the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls all free patriots to participate in a powerful revolutionary protest wave that should continue right up to January 25, 2016, under the slogan: "Revolution until victory".

The Alliance also calls on the masses of honorable Egyptian people to line up in the face of the junta of murder, corruption and colonialism, so Egypt becomes once again a state for the people – not for thieves and treacherous generals.

We reiterate that our hands are open to every sincere patriotic Egyptian, to get back to the path of freedom and human dignity, so the people are indeed the source of owner, away from any elitist domination or foreign control.

Any delay in ending this putschist military rule will only allow it to commit yet more acts of violence, repression, violation of human rights, torture of prisoners, killing of more Egyptians in their own homes, on the streets or in places of detention, arbitrary arrest of more opponents, thinkers, writers and respectable journalists who strive to expose the junta’s deceit, corruption and failure.

As the world gears up to mark the international Human Rights Day on December 10, here Egyptians witness with horror as the murderous general goes to his police to thank them for their barbaric and repeated violations. We remind all the free and honorable people of the world of the inhuman atrocities and violations committed by the junta in Egypt, and ask all to put pressure on their governments to stop supporting the murder, demolition and destruction gang in Egypt.

We reaffirm that the Revolution continues, and that the volcano will erupt. The end of the illegitimate military coup is near.

Liberty squares across Egypt can accommodate all of us. Those who will stay behind and shun the Revolution, will only be shunning their own freedom.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Friday – December 4, 2015