• December 4, 2013
  • 6 minutes read

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Rejects Rigged Referendum Under Military Repression

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Rejects Rigged Referendum Under Military Repression

 The military coup leaders have not yet understood the messages of revolutionary Egyptians, the escalating demands and the serious situation the putschists are pushing this homeland into. Neither did they understand the clear messages about justice and retribution, even after the arrest of the commander of the military coup in Mali and the beginning of his trial. Nor did they consider the trial of Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan on charges of high treason for imposing emergency law and suspending the Constitution in 2007. That is how tyrants go, as one of them confessed before his ouster by the great revolution in Tunisia. He said, "Now I understand".

So, the gang of evil fascism, blood and savagery continues to live the illusion, as one of toppled Mubarak’s senior officials hands a copy of the invalid, irrational and unconstitutional black document that has nothing to do with any principles to the so-called interim president, to issue orders to the junta’s judges and murderous military forces to hold a referendum for all the loyal followers. This is exactly the way their great mentor Mubarak organized rigged referendums. The deluded putschists think they can give a coat of legitimacy to the coup and its make-believe procedures to enable them to complete their illegitimate roadmap. It is a one-way route that does not know but the ‘yes’ vote on their invalid document, with their intention firmly set on rigging this process.

The putschists are calling a referendum the result of which is well-known in advance, to spruce up their image and provide justification for recognition of the coup government by the West, which is in fact complicit in their plans, plots and conspiracies.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance warns the military coup commanders of an approaching fate like that of the Mali and Pakistan coup commanders. It affirms that, along with the revolutionary Egyptian people, who long for freedom, retribution and justice, it rejects any action that builds on the military coup, including this latest farce, made in the stealth of a dark night, in the Shura Council, in complete secrecy, as if the Egyptian people were some kind of enemies the putschists want to surprise with their poisoned document. This is a farce that corrupts the clear identity, rights and freedoms written into the legitimate 2012 Constitution.

The homeland, which is going through its toughest economic crises ever due to the various failures of the junta, cannot afford to waste billions of Egyptian pounds in invalid and illegitimate bureaucratic maneuvers, to paint the coup with false legitimacy that will not last and may not at all benefit the power-grabbing gold-digging robbers of institutions. Those who came on the backs of tanks to sabotage the democratic transformation and kill the January 25 Revolution should realize that the revolution will continue its march, with full strength, until it achieves all its objectives.

To all the free and patriotic men and women of this homeland:

As representatives of the National Alliance, we follow your peaceful, majestic and escalating revolutionary struggle. We promise once again to tread the path of the Revolution until we put an end to all this loathsome devastation. We will not give legitimacy to the military coup, regardless of its murderous savagery. In fact, it is already cracking, awaiting its inevitable fate. So, persist in your Revolution with courage and self-sacrifice, awareness and patience. Be inventive and creative in laying siege to the coup and its absurd repressive actions, until it perishes completely. We, together with you, will never accept injustice and will never agree with the corrupt. We will never give in to murderous criminals.

The Revolution continues.

The martyrs await fair retribution.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
 December 3, 2013