• February 9, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Anti-Coup Youth Movement Marks First Anniversary of Stadium Massacre; Vows Retribution

Anti-Coup Youth Movement Marks First Anniversary of Stadium Massacre; Vows Retribution

Today (Monday) is the first anniversary of the Air Defense Stadium massacre, in which military junta thugs and criminals killed more than 20 young unarmed Egyptians and injured dozens more.

The Anti-Coup Youth (ACY) movement’s Executive Office appreciates White Knights Ultras, who faced up to coup forces and insisted on marking the memory of the massacre today (Monday, February 8). We affirm that we stand with them against this reckless usurper regime; we stand steadfast until together we wrest the right of every martyr whose blood was spilled on asphalt in this homeland.

The despotic repressive regime, which now kills, rapes, assassinates and abducts innocent civilians every day, in all streets and squares of Egypt, will certainly be ousted. Young people of this homeland will topple the putschist regime. Our blood will be a curse on coup commanders and collaborators, until retribution is exacted.

This massacre was just one of many planned and carried out by the most despicable and contemptible gang in history. The anniversary revives the pain in our souls and demands retribution be exacted from every murderer who spilled the blood of Egyptian youth. These are pains and nightmares we live through now under the bloody coup regime. Every day a new massacre or the anniversary of a massacre where the blood of the young has been spilled.

We say to the putschist traitors, murderers and criminals… The martyrs’ blood will not be laid to waste. We will always remember them. We will never pause or rest until we exact retribution from all traitorous murderers. We will not betray the blood of the martyrs as long as we live. Victory for the January 25, 2011 Revolution is inevitable.

Anti-Coup Youth

Cairo: Monday – February 8, 2016