• November 20, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Anti-Coup Youth Movement Vows Return to Liberty Squares, Crushing Protest Wave

Anti-Coup Youth Movement Vows Return to Liberty Squares, Crushing Protest Wave

 In the name of the Revolution, its martyrs and its detainees… In the name of the steadfast revolutionaries, the Revolution’s young men and women… In the name of hope, of certainty, of victory…

We say it with certainty of victory – for which there is no alternative; of retribution with no concession to those who killed, jailed, tortured us and violated the sanctity of our homes…

We call on our loved ones, our elders and youth, our women and children, our politicians, our writers, our scientists and scholars, and our workers and craftsmen… We call on all Egyptian patriots of all colors of the political and religious spectra…

It is time to head back to liberty squares of the Revolution across Egypt, to support the revolutionaries and join their ranks. It is time to rise in revolt, to break the fear and helplessness. It is time to rebuild Egypt our homeland, reunite and stand firm.

It is time to oust this tyrant and his illegitimate usurper regime that killed and imprisoned young men and women and demolished homes and displaced women and children.

As we get ready for a series of decisive events in the Egyptian Revolution, regardless of past errors, our demand now is to leave differences behind and focus on our cause and the fate of our homeland.

Of painful memories, we affirm that the military council (SCAF) undermined our revolutionary unity, killed our youths, dragged our women on tarmac, and raped girls in detention. This will stay live in our memories forever.

We will not leave the squares of the Revolution. We will continue our resistance day after day, and year after year, until we ultimately defeat this coup and exact retribution from all those who caused our country and our people so much pain and sorrow.

Our all-sweeping wave of revolutionary action is coming, no doubt. Escalation will be the word on the streets, until the Revolution is victorious. Pack all squares and streets. Leave your mark in every square, a candle of hope that the Revolution will triumph soon.

The people are looking up to you to get rid of the tyrant and his repressive regime and corrupt cronies. Let this be a powerful wave of anger that sweeps all the corrupt generals and all obstacles.

Your brothers and sisters who were killed by junta militias in Mohamed Mahmoud Street, near the Council of Ministers building, in Rabaa Square, in Nahda Square, in Ramses Square, and in all the military junta’s massacres of the innocent unarmed protesters, all these have rights to the Revolution. Do not let their deaths be in vain.

Let the anniversary of deposed Mubarak’s acquittal be a curse on the putschists, with civil disobedience in all institutions. Step up your revolutionary action, from square to square, until January 2016.

Let us meet at Tahrir Square… Let us steel our resolve, strife for Egypt with selfless devotion

Youth for the Revolution

God… the Revolution… our Homeland

Back to the Square (#راجعين_الميدان)

Anti-Coup Youth Movement Executive Office