Anti-Military Rulings Contest To Be Judged December 30th

Anti-Military Rulings Contest To Be Judged December 30th

The Administrative Judiciary Court decided on Tuesday that the contest filed against referring the civilians to military courts was postponed till next December 30th.

Nasser El Hafi (member of the MB court-martialed defense) expressed hopes that the first circle would pursue the same steps the administrative court adopted last year to ensure the respect of law and constitution.

He described the military rulings against the Brotherhood leading figures including Eng. Khairat El Shatter; third-in-command of the Muslim Brotherhood, as vain twice since the administrative court passed decisions cancelling the referral of civilians to military courts as well as the president”s decision of the referral itself. However, this decision was not cancelled till now.

He added that all the procedures pursued by the military court are null as well as the dispute suit.

El Hafi said that the Prosecutor general and the prison”s commissioner should have responded to the contest and put a stop to the imprisonment of the MB leaders.

The supreme military court passed decisions imprisoning 25 Brotherhood affiliates with rulings ranging between three to seven years.