• September 27, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Anti-Mubarak Marches Chant Against Mubarak II (Sisi), Demand Retribution for Victims

Anti-Mubarak Marches Chant Against Mubarak II (Sisi), Demand Retribution for Victims
Supporters of Egypt’s legitimate President Mohamed Morsi rallied after Friday prayers in Cairo and several other cities, expressing their fear of corrupt justice acquitting, even exonerating ousted president Hosni Mubarak Saturday. They also demanded punishment for the murderers of innocent protesters and for the military coup leader Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, who they see as "Mubarak II".

The marches were in response to the call by the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance for demonstrations under the title of "Justice". The Alliance warned, in its latest statement, of "the absence of justice" in a court session to rule in ousted president Mubarak’s case in which he is accused of "killing protesters" during the events of the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

In Cairo, after Friday prayers, demonstrators (supporters of President Mohamed Morsi) in Ain Shams (east of Cairo) chanted slogans warning judges against acquitting Mubarak despite damning evidence.

Another march started from the main mosque in Salam city (east of Cairo), after Friday prayers, demanding "retribution from the killers of revolutionaries", chanting "Retribution Retribution".

In Helwan (south of Cairo) a massive march started, after Friday prayers, with supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, chanting the slogan "Justice", demanding retribution be exacted from ousted President Mubarak, and maximum punishment should be dealt out in his trial tomorrow. They also vowed to topple the fascist military junta in Egypt.

Demonstrators chanted slogans including: "The people want to overthrow the regime", "Why is Mubarak being acquitted? Didn’t we have a revolution here?" and "Down, down Hosni Mubarak, Down with every murderous Mubarak".

In Suez, Morsi supporters started a march from the center of Suez city, chanting against the Mubarak regime, saying that the current (military coup) junta regime is the same as Mubarak’s.

Protesters waved banners like "Mubarak is Sisi", referring to the illegitimate coup commander.