Anti—NDP bloggers call the MB to deal differently with the regime

Anti—NDP bloggers call the MB to deal differently with the regime

 Anti-NDP Bloggers Movement warned the Egyptian regime of keeping on the oppressive policies and persecution of the honest ones.

The movement called the Muslim Brotherhood to change their policies of dealing with the regime that exceeded all red lines. The movement issued a statement condemning the “Anti-Terror” law, and denounced the fabrications of charges against the Egyptian reformists; including Prof. Abdul-Haii Al-Faramawi who has been charged with dealing with Hamas and helping them develop drones and explosives. The movement has also criticized the regime for congratulating the Zionists on their 60th anniversary of usurping Palestine and exporting natural Gas to Israel as well.

They called for ceasing the emergency status and not ratifying the anti-terror law. In their statement, they backed all events calling for stopping gas exportation to Israel and called for organizing a demonstration before the ministry of Petroleum, Al-Sharq Gas Company, Pump plants of Damietta and al-Areesh, and before all Egyptian embassies allover the world.

They called for freeing Faramawi and all the detainees and demanded all human rights organizations to support their case and back the Palestinian resistance.

The statement indicated that what the regime adopts futile blind policies that are against the honest reformists and make the country an easy bite for the enemies.

Bloggers called upon the MB and all political trends to change the way they react to the regime’s persecution through their utmost peerless peaceful strategies and tactics.

The statement asked all internet activists to utilize their blogs in promoting all types of expression against corrupt regimes and waiting for the public tribunal for 40 leaders of such a deadly misleading ruling party.