Anti siege campaigners brief former UN official on Gaza conditions

Anti siege campaigners brief former UN official on Gaza conditions

Members of the Palestinian-International campaign to break the Gaza siege along with representatives of human rights groups on Monday briefed Mary Robinson, the former high commissioner for human rights, on the difficult conditions engulfing the Gaza Strip as a result of the tight Israeli siege imposed on it.

The members explained to Robinson, the honorary president of Oxfam international, and the accompanying delegation the Palestinian citizens” difficult living conditions in the light of the siege and its “cruel” impact on all aspects of life especially in the health, education and economy sectors.

They pointed to the soaring level of unemployment and poverty among the Palestinian inhabitants of the Strip and the negative effects of the siege on the children, women and youth.

The members explained the important role by various public institutions to alleviate the Palestinian citizens” suffering.

They hailed Robinson for visiting the Strip and asked her to act on various levels to contribute in the efforts to lift the siege, describing it as a war crime against one and a half million Palestinians.

For her part, Robinson expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people and expressed sorrow for the difficult conditions they experience as a result of occupation and siege. She also declared support for the Palestinian people”s rights.