• May 13, 2008

Anti-siege committee: Allowing in small fuel quantities an Israeli game

Anti-siege committee: Allowing in small fuel quantities an Israeli game

The popular committee against the siege stated that the Israeli occupation manipulates one and a half million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip when it allows in every few weeks small quantities of fuel supplies enough for one day and disregards the international demands calling for stopping this crisis.

“The entry of these small quantities to the Strip from time to time is a Zionist game to appear through media outlets as if it helps Gaza, provides it with fuel and alleviates the siege”, Rami Abdo, the spokesman for the committee, said.

The spokesman underlined that Gaza is dying slowly amid terrifying silence of the international community despite all appeals issued from the besieged Strip.

In the same context, observers in Gaza warned that such Israeli manipulation of the Gaza people”s lives, if it continues, would result in an insolvable tragedy in the future, especially since 150 Palestinian patients died due to the depletion of fuel supplies, the denial of medical treatment outside the Strip or the lack of medicines. 

For his part, John Ging, the UNRWA director in Gaza warned that humanitarian conditions as a result of the Israeli siege started to deteriorate very badly, pointing out that the Strip had never witnessed such isolation in the past 60 years since the Hebrew state was established on Palestinian lands