Anti-siege Gov’t committee: Shortage of medicines will adversely affect patients

Anti-siege Gov’t committee: Shortage of medicines will adversely affect patients

The government committee to break the siege warned Tuesday that the continued scarcity of medicine stocks in the Gaza health ministry as a result of the closure of crossings and the Israeli restrictions imposed on the entry of medicines would have a negative impact on the lives of dozens of patients.

Spokesman for the committee Adel Zu”rub said, in a statement received by the PIC, that the latest statistics indicated that 61 sorts of medicines and 69 types of medical supplies had run out of the health ministry”s depots.

Zu”rub appealed to the Arab League, the organization of the Islamic conference, the Red Cross and all human rights organizations to urgently intervene to pressure Israel to lift its siege and open the crossings especially the Rafah border crossing.

In another context, the Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya called on the Arab and Islamic states to take precautions against the presence of Israeli “terrorist leaders” in power.

In a statement following the weekly cabinet meeting, the government also called on the international community especially the UN and the security council to take clear decisions to preserve the international security and peace and restore the usurped Palestinian rights.

The statement stressed that Israel”s escalation of its violations in occupied Jerusalem such as the demolition of Palestinian homes and the stealing of Arab historical antiquities is part of an ongoing conspiracy to empty the holy city of its indigenous people and judaize it, calling on the Arab and Islamic world to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem in the face of this conspiracy. 

The statement underscored, in another context, that the remarks of US president Barack Obama about the absence of hostility to Islam and Muslims and the Palestinian rights could be judged through terminating the unjust US bias in favor of the Israeli occupation at the expense of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.