Anti-wall marches challenge IOF ban

Anti-wall marches challenge IOF ban

Tens of marchers suffered breathing difficulties while many others were detained in the Israeli occupation forces’ (IOF) brutal quelling of the rallies.

Locals in Bilin and Nilin, in Ramallah district, reported that the demonstrators hoisted Palestinian flags, called for national unity, and declared solidarity with prisoners in Israeli occupation jails.

In two other villages in Ramallah district, Deir Nizam and Nabi Saleh, confrontations were witnessed between the participants in the peaceful march and the IOF troops who used force to disperse the marches.

A Greek delegation took part in the weekly demo in Ma’sara village, Bethlehem district, against the separation wall. A scout band from Jerusalem was at the forefront of the march that headed to the village’s confiscated land.

In the same context, IOF soldiers wounded two Palestinian boys in Beit Ummar village, Al-Khalil district, while assaulting a rally held in a school against IOF atrocities.