• Lebanon
  • August 9, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

Appeal for donations to Lebanon

The Lebanese Embassy in Cairo and the Lebanese Egyptian Friendship Society are joining efforts to collect and send medical supplies and food. In kind donation only. (Please see list below)

We have verified the validity of the Lebanese Egyptian Friendship Society through the Lebanese Embassy. You can call them and verify yourself if you want. Their number is :02-7382823/24/26 
You can directly give in kind donation to the Lebanese Egyptian Friendship Society by calling 02-7369612 or by contacting Gassem (Mobile #: 0107457062)the person responsible for collecting items. The Society informed us that purchased goods are to be sent to Ard el Ma3ared, (off autostrade and salah salem St.) gate 10 and 11 or 1 (if the purchase is loaded onto a big truck).
All goods are transported by plane to Syria then transported by truck to Lebanon.
According to the Lebanese Egyptian Friendship Society the Lebanese people mainly need:
Powdered Milk
Baby canned food (Gerber etc…)
Canned Food
Grains (foul, fasolia, lobia, etc…)
Medical Supply
Medicine for diarrhea and Antiseptics
Analgesics (pills, syrup and suppositories)
Pain Killers
Medicine for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension
Creams for skin infections
surgical gloves
You can also buy:
Eye drops
Bandages with glycerin for burns
Eye patches
cough medicine (dry and phlegm)
Fire extinguishers
Electric generators (5, 10, 20, 30 KVA)
The association informed us that they have a severe shortage of sugar and rice.
The above list is not exhausted, there are certainly other goods that people would need there; so if you like, you can call up the association to find out what else they need or if they already have enough supplies of certain things and would like you to focus on others.
If you have no time to buy in kind donations and would prefer to give money, I can have the goods purchased for you and give you receipts. You can reach me at: 0127992985 or Alia at 0123108000.
Also if you know any companies that produce any of the above goods and and could sell them with a discountes price, please let me know.
If you cannot donate in any way and would like to help, please try to spread the word.
Let’s hope that together we can try to alleviate the pain on the Lebanese nation.