Appeals against arrests of 89 MB members

Appeals against arrests of 89 MB members

The defense team for the MB detainees, appealed to the Attorney General for Detainees Affairs against the Interior Minister’s decision to arrest 89 MB members. The detainees are from numerous Egyptian   governorates including, Giza , Sharqiya, Ismailiya, Daqahliya, Monofeya, Gharbeya and northern Sinai. The appeal verdict is expected to be announced in the upcoming days.

The Sharqiya governorate tops the list with 39 appeals filed for the detainees. Of those arrested 29 were leaders, taken in during protests held in support of the Aqsa Mosque held on Friday, March 12 while the remaining 10 were arrested from the town of Abu Kabeer

Appeals were also filed contesting decisions to arrest the administrative heads from Giza , and Ismailiya in addition to 29 other MB members from both governorates.

In the same sequence, the defence submitted appeals to the arrest orders of 7 more MB. They also challenged the detention of Ali Abbass and Mahmoud Abd Allah who have been in custody since December, 2009.

Security hauled in additional 10 MB members from the Daqahliya and Gharbeya governorates during the campaign which took place targeting MB leaders.

The Northern Sinai , governorate reported one arrest as forces ransacked the house of teacher, Yehya Aqeel Salman on January 26. Personal belongings were confiscated in addition to his computer and numerous books and documents. Lawyers appealed and called for his release.