• June 23, 2008

April 6 Activists Call for Rally to Discuss Egypt’s Problems

April 6 Activists Call for Rally to Discuss Egypt’s Problems

A group of April 6 internet activists has called upon university professors, academicians, intellectuals, journalists, and politicians to organize a symposium at the Journalists’ Syndicate late this month to discuss the political, economic, and social problems in Egypt and express the turndown of the current policies.

In their statement, activists declared that they are an Egyptian generation that refuses to continue the corruption march and resist the daily committed crimes in Egypt, because they love this country and desire to see it well-reformed and changed.

They declared that they refuse the miserable conditions that threaten the future of their offspring if they renounced their rights.

Activists stated that their demands can only be achieved through free and cognizant youth to achieve self- sufficiency, limit the minimum level of salaries, link salaries to prices as in many countries, stop monopoly, end a rocketing prices state, stop exporting gas to Israel.

The concluded their statement asserting that calling for such a conference aims at the participation of all trends in restoring the lives of the Egyptians to get rid of corruption, passivity, and bureaucracy.