April 6 Last Victim Still Imprisoned

April 6 Last Victim Still Imprisoned

One of al Mahala al Kobra residents, a Muslim Brotherhood member and blogger of almonnir.blogspot.com  Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed Al Monir who thought that no one could blame him for what he writes on his BlogSpot. He was documenting al Mahala events and sometimes providing websites with profound analyses explains the fact and uncovers the governmental repressive practices towards the Egyptian people.


The idea of April 6 strike impressed him which was spread via social facebook site. He had never imagined it would be popularly supported like this. At the end he became its victim as Israa Abdul Fattah, Kareem al Behery and Mohamed Refaat.


Al Monir story started at the beginning of April 6, 2008 events at al Mahala al Kobra city; where he had a prominent role in the coverage of Mahala events via his blog.


The State Security Investigations forces knocked his door on April 8, 2008; he found four persons -one of them wearing military uniform- asking him to go with them after searching the house and stealing some of his books and belongings. When his father asked them about where they are going to take him, their reply was that he is going to be out of home for two days then he will be back.


In the morning on April 9, the father went to the SSI headquarters at Mahala to ask about his son and they told him that no one called by that name. Al Monir remained in detention at the SSI for 15 days; he was subjected to all kinds of torture such as slapping and shocking with electricity in different places in his body.


After all this period, his family found out on April 25 that he was at al Mahala al Kobra prosecutors and during his presentation before them, he declared that he was subjected to many electrical shocks sessions, gruesome torture and beatings by the State Security Office Director at Mahala officer Mohamed Hani and was subjected also to insults, verbal abuse, slapping and others practiced by the SSI.


During his presentation to the prosecution, he revealed his body before the prosecutor to show him what happened to him by the SSI; the prosecutor submitted him to the coroner to prove his injuries and they ordered his release.


After the release warrant and his submission to the coroner on April 26; instead of carrying out the prosecutorial decision, the Ministry of Interior issued an arrest warrant without any reason.


The lawyer of Dr. Al Monir filed a grievance to the Ministry of Interior on May 27 to release him and it was accepted. A hearing was identified and the court decided to release him, but almost immediately the Ministry of Interior objected to the resolution. Another hearing was identified on July 6 and the court re-decided to release him.


Instead of going home, Dr. Al Monir found himself before the State Security prosecutors on July 7 in charge of affiliating to a banned group and using the internet to promote ideas aimed at raising the state. They ordered to detain him for 15 days under investigations. The State Security prosecutors issued a release warrant on July 21. Dr. Al Monir left Wadi al Natron jail on July 22 to Madinat al Salam detention center and stayed there for three days in difficult circumstances.

Al Monir arrived at the SSI headquarters at Tanta city on July 25 and he spent his night there, while his family was waiting for him in front of the headquarters all night. In the morning he was told to prepare to leave to implement the release decision. Then he was shocked again when the car was directed to Wadi al Natron; when he was told that a new arrest warrant was issued for him on July 26. After that he was taken to Ambar al Zeraa at Tora jail alone. To be put at the end in a disciplinary lockup with criminals.