April 6 Youth Protests to Have a Blogger Released

April 6 Youth Protests to Have a Blogger Released

Members of the April 6 Youth Movement, Ghad Party, General Nasserite Conference and Arab Youth Forum staged a protest yesterday in front of the Public Prosecutor”s office, calling for the release of blogger Mohamed Refaat in accordance with a State Security Prosecution decision.


Refaat was arrested on charges of calling for a demonstration on July 23.


The protesters chanted slogans condemning the detention of Refaat and blasting the government.


Refaat Bayoumi, a Nasserite key figure, said his son Mohamed, an activist on “Facebook”, was transported to Wadi el-Natroun Prison.


“It is illogical that Mohamed is detained under the emergency law although the State Security Prosecution has released him. My son is not a terrorist or a drug dealer,” Bayoumi said.


A delegation representing Refaat”s family and human rights activists lodged a complaint to the Public Prosecutor calling for his intervention to set Refaat free.


The State Security Prosecution had ordered the release of Refaat pending investigations, but the State Security Agency refused to release him because a detention warrant was issued against him under the emergency law.


The Prosecution accused Refaat of calling for a demonstration on the occasion marking the anniversary of the 23 July Revolution and distributing anti-regime fliers, in addition to other charges such as joining the legally banned Muslim Brotherhood Group and calling for demonstrations in front of places of worship and public squares in favor of the Group.