April 6 Youth Say Mubarak’s Remarks Are a Prelude for Electoral Fraud

April 6 Youth Say Mubarak’s Remarks Are a Prelude for Electoral Fraud

 The anti-government “April 6 Youth Movement” rejected Mubarak’s remarks which he made before the ruling National Democratic Party’s (NDP) Higher Body in which he said that he is “looking forward to free and fair elections. In a statement issued by the movement, its members said: “We were expecting that Mubarak speaks in specific terms about his full commitment to the integrity of these elections as the government gained full dominance over its oversight after the exclusion of direct judicial supervision and Egyptian citizens were not permitted to vote using their ordinary national ID cards. It is a step towards massive fraud, which marred past elections in Egypt.”

The statement added that a unique phrase “looking forward” used by President Mubarak is inappropriate, adding that the average citizen can say it because they have nothing to do with operations of supervision and control of the electoral process but the president of the republic is primarily responsible for the decision-making process and has nominal rule over the executives.

The April 6 Youth Movement believe the president’s statements indicate that the next poll is likely to be rigged as the ruling NDP has nominated police officers engaged in torture and MPs who call for shooting down protesters.

In its statement, the movement deplored the fact that the president lauded his party’s “honorable record” and noted that the NDP has embarked on an ambitious plan to fight poverty and improve Egyptian lives. The statement also questioned the ability of the president, who has been in office for nearly 30 years destroying the country politically, economically and socially, to announce that he would fight the systemic corruption, poverty and repression for which he is primarily responsible.

According to the statement, “The NDP’s ‘honorable’ record seems evident in the low wages, rising food prices, the deterioration in education and health, the general hardship of life for those from classes with a limited income, muzzling opposition voices, violation of civil liberties and torturing of political activists.”

 April 6 youth activists called on relevant institutions both at home and abroad to closely monitor the balloting process and disclose the NDP’s illegal practices. They also emphasized that if the current Egyptian regime insists on using such repressive tactics, relying on those who are corrupt and inexperienced; things will inevitably lead to further suffering for the Egyptian people.