Aqsa: Israeli excavations caused collapse in the Aqsa Mosque’s yards

Aqsa: Israeli excavations caused collapse in the Aqsa Mosque’s yards

The Aqsa foundation for the reconstruction of Islamic holy shrines revealed that a section of the Aqsa Mosque”s yards caved in at noon Friday as a result of the Israeli excavations being carried out under and around the Mosque with the aim of demolishing it.

In a statement received by the PIC, the foundation said that it managed to catch photos of the collapse which happened near the Qaitbay fountain in the western area of the Mosque.

The foundation explained that the excavations made a one-meter-deep hole, pointing out that it gathered testimonies from the Palestinians who own houses adjacent to the collapsed area, where they confirmed the hearing of loud sounds coming from beneath their houses around the clock as a result of the Israeli excavations, which caused cracks threatening their houses with collapse.

In a related context, the foundation disclosed that the Zionist Elad settlement society is building a new tunnel under dozens of Palestinian houses in the Silwan area, southern Aqsa Mosque which also caused cracks threatening many houses there with collapse.

According to photos given by the Silwan people, the foundation underlined that the tunnel begins at Silwan and ends at the Maghareba gate and may reach tens of meters away.

The residents of the Hilwa neighborhood in Silwan reported that when they asked the Elad society to stop its excavations, its workers and some Israeli settlers attacked them and called the Israeli police who upon their arrival told the Palestinians to lodge their compliant against the Israeli assailants with the police station in occupied Jerusalem, but when they went to report what happened, they were arrested.