Aqsa foundation: Aqsa walls cracked

Aqsa foundation: Aqsa walls cracked

The Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage that caters for Muslim holy shrines in Palestine disclosed that big cracks were seen in the northern wall of the Aqsa Mosque.

According to a press release a report issued by the foundation and published by the Quds Press on Tuesday, described the situation as “serious” where the cracks were expanding daily.

The foundation quoted analysts and experts as asserting that based on the examinations they have conducted, the cracks were the result of the continued Israeli excavations near the wall, particularly under the Omari school, which is located within the zone of the Mosque.

However, the foundation highlighted that the Israeli excavations were more than what had been discovered so far, warning that the continuation of those excavations pose direct threat to the Mosque, and would sooner or later affect its existence.

Nevertheless, the foundation vowed to expose the Israeli practices against the Mosque, urging, at the same time, Arab and Muslim countries to stand up in defense of the first Muslim Qiblah.