Aqsa foundation: Israel will house hundreds of settlers near the holy Mosque

Aqsa foundation: Israel will house hundreds of settlers near the holy Mosque

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — Al-Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said Wednesday that Israel intensified its settlement and Judaization activities around the Aqsa Mosque, especially in the nearby area of Ras Al-Amud in order to bring hundreds of settlers to live there.

The foundation explained that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is renovating apartment buildings in the area used to belong to Jordan before the Israeli invasion in 1967 in order to house hundreds of settlers in them.

It added that the IOA intends to build a bridge connecting these old buildings with other nearby apartment buildings.

The foundation pointed out that most of the Israeli settlement outposts and projects are carried out in the high hills surrounding and overlooking the Aqsa Mosque, especially in Attour area in the east and the castle of Jerusalem area in the west in addition to other Judaization projects in Silwan town, south of the Aqsa Mosque, and the building of a railway in the northwest of the Old City.

The foundation warned that the IOA is intensifying its settlement activities to cordon off the area around the Aqsa Mosque in an attempt to isolate the Mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem.

For its part, Al-Quds international institution said in a new report on the educational situation in Jerusalem for 2010 that Israel’s persistence in expanding its segregation wall in the West Bank led to the isolation of more than 145,000 Jerusalemites from their holy city and disrupted the Palestinian educational process.

The institution stressed that the education has central importance in the conflict over Jerusalem between the Israeli occupation and the native residents, adding that the harsh social and economic conditions experienced by Jerusalemites under occupation affect the educational future of their sons and daughters who consequently drop out of schools.

It noted that the IOA discriminates flagrantly between the schools in the east part of Jerusalem and the western part in terms of budgets, facilities, equipment and efficiency of the education system.