• March 5, 2015
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Arab African Center Statement on Alexandria Enforced Disappearances

Arab African Center Statement on Alexandria Enforced Disappearances

 As it follows developments in Egypt, the Arab African Centre for Liberties and Human Rights (AAC) has documented cases of enforced disappearance of citizens in Alexandria, where innocent individuals were detained by security forces and taken to secret places of detention. Those citizens have not been seen by the public prosecutor nor appeared in any investigation sessions in any lawsuit.

The Interior Ministry completely denies the presence of these detainees, which affirms that they were kidnapped by security personnel as cases of forced disappearance. This is a crime punishable under international law that criminalizes enforced disappearances, as indicated in the Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 47/133 of December 18, 1992.

The AAC calls upon the public prosecutor of Alexandria, as well as the Attorney General in Alexandria, to move quickly to uncover these Egyptian citizens’ places of detention, and to hold accountable those involved in crimes of enforced disappearances against those citizens who disappeared more than eight days ago. Those victims of forced disappearance are:

1. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Qirsh
2. Ahmed Mohamed Ghoneim
3. Moataz Mohamed Hassan
4. Mustafa Mohamed Hassan
5. Moemin Mohamed Hamzawy
6. Gala-Eddin Ibrahim
7. Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim
8. Ibrahim Hassan Hafith
9. Tahir Ahmed Hamroush
10. Ibrahim Mohamed Omar Al-Qadi
11. Mamdouh Hussein Abdel-Aal
12. Abdul-Rahman Youssef
13. Osama Gamal Al-Sharif
14. Ismail Kishk
15. Khaled Abdel-Razek

The AAC holds the competent authorities responsible for the forced disappearance of these citizens and any torture or harm they suffer, in order to prevent recurrence of such unfortunate incidents of violation of the right of Egyptians.

The Arab African Center for Liberties and Human Rights

Wednesday – March 4, 2015