Arab and Muslim scholars rally behind PA government

In a show of unequivocal support for the PA government’s steadfast stands on constants of the Palestinian people and Arab and Muslim Ummah, tens of Ulama (Islamic scholars) and intellectuals in the Arab and Muslim world have called for popular solidarity to break the unjust international economic siege on Palestinians.

Nationalists and Muslim leaders from all over the Arab and Muslim worlds met in the Lebanese capital Beirut, and urged Arab and Muslim peoples to consider this coming Friday as a day of support for Palestine and the Palestinian people, and to pressure their governments to help break the unjust embargo.

In a statement to the Arab and Muslim Ummah they issued after concluding their conference Sunday, the participants, including head of the influential Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Mahdi Akef among other famous Arab and Muslim figures, supported the PA government’s stands in rejecting American pressures to recognize the Hebrew state.

They regarded the repressive US-led siege on the Palestinian people as “cheap political blackmail” to pressure the PA government into bowing to the American dictates in recognizing the Israeli occupation of more than 78% of Palestine.

They also lashed back at local Palestinian parties and Arab countries pushing the PA government into compromising national constants of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Muslim Ummah, affirming that the Palestinian question is the central issue of the Arab and Muslim Ummah.

The PA government has rejected all pressures exerted on it, including political and economic blockade among others, to force it to recognize the Hebrew state and to abandon the legitimate resistance against occupation.

“We, the signatories of this statement, announce it loud and clear that we fully back the PA government in rejecting American and European extortion practices”, read the statement in conclusion.