• February 6, 2012
  • 3 minutes read

Arab Forum Calls For Russia and China Boycott

Arab Forum Calls For Russia and China Boycott

Vehemently condemning the brutal Syrian regime’s atrocities against the people, the Arab Solidarity Forum expressed its deepest regret and strong condemnation to the suffering of the Syrian people, amid Arab and international silence. 

The Forum stressed:  "The Syrian regime, led by Al-Assad has begun a new phase of violence against its own people with the knowledge that Russia and China are protecting the regime and its policy of killing thousands of people"

Finding their position both incomprehensible and inexcusable, the Forum called for a general boycott of China and Russia, adding that it will hold conferences and vigils in front of the embassies of these countries in an effort to pressure them into withdrawing their support of Al-Assad’s regime.

Meanwhile, the Arab Academics’ Union, condemned the massacre in which claimed the lives of hundreds leaving countless wounded, in Homs, stressing that sectarianism and racism in our nations should be rejected and not neglected.

The Union held Al-Assad and his regime fully accountable for the horrific crimes held on Syrian soil. It called on all Arab intellectuals and academics to condemn Al-Assad and the disgraceful acts of genocide witnessed and to work towards the removal of the regime.