Arab League: IOA earmarked $15b to convert Jerusalemites into minority

Arab League: IOA earmarked $15b to convert Jerusalemites into minority

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has earmarked 15 billion dollars to convert the Palestinian Jerusalemites into a minority in their own city, the Arab League Palestine and occupied lands sector said in a report on Sunday.

The report said that the IOA plots topped by “Jerusalem 2020” have set the year of 2020 as the date when such plots would complete their target.

It noted that the IOA had started in Aisaweh town where it confiscated more than 660 dunums, adding that the plots envisage moving more than 40,000 Jewish settlers into occupied Jerusalem to create a majority of Jews in the holy city.

The report said that the population in Jerusalem is estimated at 760,000 with Jews representing 65% and the Arabs 35%, adding that the “Jerusalem 2020” plan aims at slashing the number of Arabs to less than 12% by the year 2020 and increasing the number of Jews to reach 88%, which means evacuating eastern Jerusalem from almost all its indigenous Arab population.

Meanwhile, MP Ahmed Abu Halabia, the rapporteur of Quds committee in the Palestinian legislative council, asked the Arab League and the Arab rulers to immediately implement their decision allocating 500 million dollars for Jerusalem to support the steadfastness of its inhabitants.

He told a press conference in Gaza on Sunday that the Arab and Islamic countries along with human rights groups should work on providing international protection for the Jerusalemites against the IOA crimes against the holy city, its people, holy shrines, and relics.