Arab League charges Israel with trying to conceal its crimes in Gaza

Arab League charges Israel with trying to conceal its crimes in Gaza

The Arab League on Thursday issued a statement on the 61st anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre charging that Israel was trying to conceal its crimes in the Gaza Strip through forming “decorative investigation committees”.

It added that Israel was pursing in its incursions and extra judicial assassinations in addition to imposing siege, erecting barricades, expanding more settlements and building the racist, separation wall in addition to the policy of mass punishment against the Palestinian people.

The League said that the painful memory of the Deir Yassin massacre, which took place on 9th April 1948, displays that the successive Israeli leaders never gave up their racist policies against the Palestinian people ever since the outset of the 20th century the latest of which was the savage war on Gaza Strip that left 1500 citizens dead and 5000 others wounded.

It also deplored the world”s silence toward such crimes and criticized the world community for not prosecuting the perpetrators of those crimes in violation of the international law and all international doctrines. It warned that such behavior would threaten peace efforts in the Middle East and encourage Israel to continue in its crimes.

For her part, Hamas MP Mona Mansour regretted in a statement on Wednesday the world”s silence vis-à-vis the Israeli assaults on the Palestinian people and holy shrines.

She said that the Muslims in particular should not remain idle while the Aqsa Mosque is threatened with desecration at the hands of Jewish fanatics who threatened to storm the holy site to organize Talmudic rituals dedicated to the construction of their alleged temple, which they dream of re-building on the ruins of the Aqsa Mosque.