Arab League condemns Israeli violations of Palestinian prisoners’ rights

Arab League condemns Israeli violations of Palestinian prisoners’ rights

CAIRO — The Arab League council has condemned the Israeli violations against Palestinian and Arab prisoners and suggested asking for a consultative ruling by the international court of justice (ICJ) on the issue of those captives.

The AL statement at conclusion of the extraordinary meeting in Cairo on Sunday under chairmanship of the Syrian ambassador to Egypt and its permanent representative to the AL asked the Arab group at the UN to study the matter.

It noted that the ICJ would discuss the legal status of those prisoners and rule whether they are prisoners of war who are entitled to resist occupation of their lands.

The council asked the Red Cross to assume its legal and humanitarian duties towards those captives and to intensify contacts with Israel to restrict the ceaseless violations and malpractices against those prisoners especially children, women, elderly people and old serving detainees.

It asked the Red Cross to organize periodical inspection visits of the Israeli prisons and detention centers to ascertain they match the international standards according to international agreements and treaties.

The council asked the AL missions abroad to intensify political and media campaigns to publicize the issue of those prisoners and to demand their release.

The council finally decided to launch necessary contacts to convene a meeting for the signatories of the Geneva Convention to discuss Israel’s refusal to apply this Convention in the occupied Palestinian lands.