Archbishop Capucci viciously assaulted by Israeli occupation soldiers

Archbishop Capucci viciously assaulted by Israeli occupation soldiers

DAMASCUS, — The Syrian delegation which participated in the Freedom Flotilla and was detained for three days by the Israeli occupation revealed upon its return to Syria on Thursday that its members were assaulted and barbarically treated by the Israeli occupation soldiers.

The Syrian delegation arrived in Jordan on Thursday morning, they were taken then to the Daraa at the Jordan-Syria border.

The delegation comprised exiled Archbishop of Jerusalem Hilarion Capucci, two men and a woman.

The elderly archbishop said that the Israeli occupation soldiers barbarically assaulted the peace activists on the ship including himself as they tied his hands without showing any humanity or courtesy and one of the soldiers actually tried to push him to the ground.

The archbishop added that the Israel attack on the flotilla exposed the Israeli racism and fascism pointing out that the aim of the activists was to break the siege on Gaza and to expose the Zionist entity for what it really is.

Archbishop Capucci stressed that the strength of Israel is relative and that “Israel is strong because we are weak. Our weakness stems from our disunity.” He called for unity amongst the Palestinian in their struggle to regain their rights.

For her part, Shadha Barakat, 45, who was also travelling on the same ship, said that Israeli occupation soldiers did throw bodies of Turkish activists in the sea after killing them, pointing out that the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla was another dark chapter to be added to the Israeli long criminal record.