Armed Forces confirms Shafiq’s Gov’t will not Supervise any upcoming elections

Armed Forces confirms Shafiq’s Gov’t will not Supervise any upcoming elections

Members of the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) ascertained that Shafiq’s government will not supervise the upcoming presidential nor parliamentary elections. They also stated that the parliamentary elections should take place before the presidential one, for the new president to be able to give the oath before the parliamentary elections ahead of starting his duties as a president.

They stressed that the next elections will be done with the national ID number and the Ministry of Interior has began preperations for this.

The representatives of SCAF ascertained that those charged with attacking the protesters on “bloody Wednesday” were tried before a military court and will serve five years imprisonment as a verdict. Investigations are continuing with regards to the killing of protesters.

Major General Ahmed Mokhtar Al-Molla, Assistant Minister of Defence,  stressed that the government of Shafiq which has given the oath on Wednesday is an interim government only.

He stated that Mubarak is not governing now and Omar Soliman is staying at his house and the presidential palace is closed.

Major General Mohamed El-Asar denied the possibility that Safwat El-Sherif, former secretary general of the National Democratic Party is behind the staying of a number of ministers in the government.

He also called on the editors of the national newspapers to resign saying that those who have represented the former government should not speak in the name of the revolution, and their turn for accountability will come soon, but there are priorities, as stated by representatives of SCAF.

They commented on the demands to abolish the State Security Investigations saying that the problem is not in a specific body but in the police and abolishing it will not be easy because it means the abolishment of a pillars of a ministry. However the body will not remain the same and will be working on protecting the nation and nationals, pointing out that when a president comes, the body will change and will not remain with its current leaderships.