Armed Israeli settlers wound Palestinian young man in his chest in Nablus

Armed Israeli settlers wound Palestinian young man in his chest in Nablus

A Palestinian young man was badly wounded Tuesday morning when he was shot in the chest by a group of armed Israeli settlers escorted by IOF troops in a Palestinian grazing area near Yizhar settlement, south of Nablus.

Palestinian eyewitnesses reported that a bunch of savage armed settlers tried to assault a Palestinian shepherd as he was grazing his sheep in the village of Einabus, and when his 19-year-old brother showed up to defend him, the settlers opened fire directly at the brother’s chest.

They said the young man was taken to Rafidia hospital in Nablus.

In the context of Israel’s ongoing violations of human rights, its gunboats opened fire this morning at Palestinian fishing boats on the shore of Tal Al-Sultan in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, without any reported casualties.

In a related context, about 200 Jewish extremists tried on Sunday to break into the grand mosque in the city of Lod, where they gathered around a rabbi who was exhorting them to storm the mosque.

Eyewitness said that the settlers fled away when a Palestinian citizen produced his video camera in order to capture the extremists and document their violations.

In the occupied city of Jerusalem, the Israeli police closed on Monday Al-Quds road and kidnapped five Palestinian citizens including a young girl traveling on a car after receiving information about the presence of a suspicious vehicle boarded by Palestinians.

It was also reported that the IOF troops kidnapped last night and at dawn Tuesday seven Palestinian citizens during incursions into the cities of Jenin, Bethlehem and Ramallah.