Arrest Attempt of Three Students and Security Harassments at Fayyum University

Arrest Attempt of Three Students and Security Harassments at Fayyum University

A group of gate guards, some of the central security forces and a number of bashers harassed on Wednesday, October 22, at Al Fayyum University three students at Faculty of Education while they were entering the university trying to arrest them.

The students are: Ahmed Abdul-Hakeem, Ahmed Ramadan and Khalid Ahmed.

Where students were surprised by security cordon surrounding them during their entrance into their faculty, they tried to resist it but there were bashers backing the security forces, so the students called their mates from inside, then clashes occurred between about 10 students on the one hand and those bashers with the central security members on the other, leading to injuries and bruises for the students.

It is normal now to see bashers and known-criminals at Al Fayyum University gates, as security forces used them to terror, threaten and arrest students, which happened with many.

Until now four students were arrested from the university, in addition to daily self-inspection during their entrance threatening them with sticks and batons.

Meanwhile, an altercation occurred between Dr. Khalil Abdul-Aal Khalil the Dean of Dar Al Uloum Faculty and the MB students because he had torn posters of Hadiths which urge ethics hanged by students and insulted a student when he told him that he (the student) is going to take them for not to be torn. And he justified this by saying that the faculty walls are not for hanging such papers, although other papers were hanged by Students Affairs and were not torn by him.

Furthermore in the Faculty of Science at the same University, female security members inspected the female chapel as well as the students’ bags saying that they have to do this.