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  • September 4, 2008
  • 3 minutes read

Arrest Warrant for MB Mosque Imam and Preacher

Arrest Warrant for MB Mosque Imam and Preacher

At dawn on Wednesday September 3, 2008 State Security Investigations arrested Ali Ahmad Abdul-Latif Abdul-Jawad – secondary school instructor, imam and preacher of Abdul-Jawad’s family mosque at Annakhas village of Azzaqaziq center- after his refusal to abandon the imamate of the mosque adjacent to his house and his refusal to give everything to the imam sent by Ministry of Endowments as state security ordered. He was accused of membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned organization.

Sheikh Ahmad rejected to allow the newcomer imam to pray the night prayer (Tarawih) at his family’s mosque, which led to a verbal argument between them. State security forces attacked his house before dawn while he was having his suhur (pre-dawn) meal; they accompanied him to Azzaqaziq center and was presented to prosecutors in the afternoon and nothing has issued yet on him.

Informed sources at Ministry of Endowments at Azzaqaziq confirmed that state security ordered to send a Sheikh from the ministry to every mosque having Muslim Brotherhood imam aiming to stop their activities during the holy month of Ramadan and in case of preventing the imam, or people and worshippers’ refusal, SSI administration is to be informed and is going to interfere by its own way.

MBs at Annakhas suffer from prevention and harassment every year during Eid prayer over the past years.

It is noteworthy that the number of arrested MBs at Asharqia is 13 now; on the top is Dr. Assayed Abdul-Hamid -the ex-MP and MB leader at Asharqia- by an unjustified security campaign before and during Ramadan.