Arresting 100 MB Advocates from Electoral March

Arresting 100 MB Advocates from Electoral March

Security forces of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate arrested 100 Muslim Brotherhood advocates from a massive electoral march of MB parliamentary candidate at Dosouq constituency on Tuesday and dispersed the march, Ikhwanweb reporter said.


Almost 8000 advocates of the candidate have participated yesterday evening in the huge march within Ibrahim Al-Dosouqi’s square.


Marching through the commercial street of Saad Zaghloul, security forces violently assaulted them and injured many, witnesses said.


After negotiating with the security leaders, the MB decided to end the march for the people’s safety. However the security kidnapped dozens of them while they were dismissing.


Police vehicles with dozens of officers and detectives have begun a random round-up campaign, arresting 100 so far.