Arresting 22 Muslim Brotherhood members in Alexandria

Arresting 22 Muslim Brotherhood members in Alexandria

At the early morning of Sunday (July, 22, 2007), the Egyptian security forces have arrested 22 Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood members while they were in their summer resort in Mersa Matrouh. All the members detained were originally from Al-Wardeyan, south of Alexandria. They are now detained and kept at the security building of Mersa Matrouh, and prevented from eating or drinking anything since their detention. Also lawyers were prevented from reaching them.

Some of the detained names are:

Khaled Abdul Mo’ti
Gamal Abdul Hammed
Ayman Rifa’i
Mohamed Ali Abdurrazeq
Ahmed Basha
Ahmed Fawzi
Sameh Al Samni
Reda Abdel Hadi
Mohamed Abdul Salam, a lawyer
Ali Tawfeeq
Khaled Al-Borei
Khaled Abu Zeid
Sayed Abdullah
Ahmed Sayed Abdul-Fattah, a lawyer
Ayman Feteiha
Mohamed El-Fawwal
Salah Othman
Ibrahim Kamal

It’s worth mentionaing that the security forces have searched all the houses of the detainees at 6am today. They have seized personal computers and some books that are legally authorized to be published.

Mr. Khalaf Bayyoumi, the Muslim Brotherhood lawyer in Alexandria, has stated to ikhwanweb saying “We are now waiting for the legal procedures that have to undergo. No Legal procedures have taken place till now concerning this detention, and they are still kept in the Central Security camp in Mersa Matrouh.

Adding, “These continuous detentions prove the complete failure of the plan of political reform claimed by the Egyptian ruling regime. It’s only a proof for the oppression policy used by the Egyptian regime to suppress any kind of Egyptian opposition; even they were just having fun in a resort and doing nothing else.