Arrests before the 3rd Round of Vote,191Brothers are Detained

191Brothers are Detained

 Arrest campaigns hit the six governorates which witness the third round of the Egyptian parliamentary vote, Khirat el-Shater, the  Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader , said: ’ when the governmental tactics of thuggery and blockade of voters, used in the first two stages of the polls failed , It resumed its old way of acting which is based on arrest and detention among the representatives of Brotherhood’s candidates and their propaganda organizers.’
So far, the police has raided 400 of Brothers’ houses and has taken 191 into custody in six governorates     

Arrests before the 3rd Round of Vote
A large-scale arrest campaign is launched against the representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates who contest for the third round of the ongoing parliamentary polls on December1. The number of detainees so far amounts to 166.
The detention of the Brothers spreads over six governorates; 25 detainees in Damitta, 17 in el-Sharqia, 42 in each el-Daqahlia and Sohag, 28 in Kafr el-Sheikh, and 20 in Northern Sinai. 
The reporters of Ikhwan online said that heavy presence of security forces patrolling in these governorates was seen yesterday at 10pm. Today, forces stormed Brothers’ houses at 1am. Computer sets, cassettes, books, posters, and documents were confiscated. 
Security forces declined to show any official warrants. In addition, the destination of detained is anonymous.