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  • May 26, 2007
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Arrests In Hustings of Sharqiya, Dakahliya MB Candidates

A huge unit of the State Security Police attacked on May, 2, 2007, a tour of Dr. Khaled Al Dib, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the constituency of Mit Ghamr, Dakahlia and arrested two families during the raid.
This took place immediately after the Friday Prayer as the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Mit Ghamr constituency, Dr. Khaled Al Dib, was committing the Friday Prayer in a mosque there. After he got out of the mosque, people gathered around him to handshake him and show their support to him, to be stunned by a security force that stormed into the place and arrested three brothers and two others. The force dispersed people who gathered around the MB candidate.
Manhunts still go on in the streets of Mit Ghamr, where three police cars are patrolling in all streets to detain any Muslim Brotherhood members or any supporter to the MB candidate, Dr. Khaled Al Dib.
The detainees are:

Nagi Anas
Ahmed Anas
 Mohamed Anas – they are three brothers
Samir Abu Hussein
Mohamed Abu Hussein
Magdi Abu Hussein (was detained two days earlier), also three brothers from on family
Abdul Fattah Anara
Hani Mostafa
Hatem Fawzi .
It is worth mentioning that the security forces in Mit Ghamr are hunting many Muslim Brotherhood members and the supporters of the MB  candidate for the constituency since he declared his election bid. These forces are tearing and removing all election posters hanged for the candidate.
In Governorate of Sharqiya
The security forces in the governorate of Sharqiya arrested on Thursday evening 5 supporters of Dr. Nagi Saqr, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the first constituency in Sharqiya while he was in election hustings on Thursday.
The detentions were carried out after a fabricated quarrel between detectives and security plainclothese elements with supporters of the MB candidate. They tried to sieze the hustings car in which amplifiers were installed, making the supporters defend it.
The detainees are:
Mohamed Abul Magd, chemistry teacher – from Village of Tel Huwein
Wael Mahmoud Ibrahim, employee, from village of Kafr Al-Ashraf
Serag Monir, engineer, from village of Kafr Al-Ashraf
Abdul Rahman Mohamed Shater, student in the faculty of theology, from the village of Bani Shebl
Ahmed Mohamed Shater, a student in the Faculty of Sharia and Law-from the village of Bani Shebl.
It’s worth mentioning that both Abd Al-Rahman and Ahmed Mohamed shatter are sons of Mohamed Shater, physics instructor, who is detained since March, 15, 2007 in Tanta prison. Both of them are students in Al-Azhar and are supposed to do their end of year exams on Saturday.

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