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How Turkish See Future After AKP Win
How Turkish See Future After AKP Win
Islamists all over the world are so happy following the success of the Turkish experience through the Justice an Development Party’s (AKP) win in Sunday’s elections.
Wednesday, July 25,2007 12:14

Islamists all over the world are so happy following the success of the Turkish experience through the Justice an Development Party’s (AKP) win in Sunday’s elections.

The Justice and Development Party proved through its domestic and foreign discourse that Islamists can attain success in democratic tests and even give a brighter image than that of all secularists.

The Turkish elections proved that the wins attained by moderate political Islam movements in Arab countries, like Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria and Kuwait, are a reflection of a full popular support in all Muslim countries. It proved also the failure of secular experience in those countries and others and that they have no popular grounds.

Ikhwanweb phoned two journalists and political analysts, Ahmet Roual, and Mostafa Ozkan.

They shed light on the status quo in Turkey in both economic and political levels under AKP rule, to show how the Islamic moderate Party managed to run Turkey during this watershed phase, while trying to join the European Union.

Economic Improvement Key to Erdogan"s Win

Mostafa Ozkan speaks about the Turkish economic situation. He said Turkish economy before Justice and Development Party assumed power was suffering from several problems. However, economy was stabilized and the value of the dollar and other hard currencies became stable versus the Turkish lira.

Ahmed Roual said that the Turkish people considered the Justice and Development Party a solution for his economic problems. This has taken place on the ground since 2002. Therefore, the party managed to garner this high rate. The economic side was not the only part that made the Turkish people back the Justice and Development Party.

Roual adds that the AKP managed to solve many serious economic problems in Turkey. This had a positive effect on its election win. There is another factor which is the AKP’s steadfastness in front of army and opposition pressure. It approved to hold snap elections, so that they can settle the issue of the presidential elections. The army had asked the Justice and Development Party not to field any presidential candidate but it refused to bow to pressures, especially after the Court of Cassation issued its ruling that Abdullah Gul"s nomination is null and void after the quorum wasn’t enough to make the parliament session valid. This steadfastness had a huge effect on the AKP success in drawing more voters.

The Political Side

Regarding the political situation, Ahmed Roual says that the Turkey people wanted the president to come from the ruling party because the party proved its success in political, economic and social levels. Therefore the AKP garnered 47% votes after it was 34 % in 2002 elections. However, the number of its MPs decreased because a third party managed to pass the 10% threshold which allows parties in parliament. Thus, the AKP plans to form a one-party government and field a candidate for the presidential office.

EU Entry

Mostafa Ozkan says, regarding Turkey’s bid to join the European Union,:" I see no disagreement in the European attitudes. They even welcomed these results, including the European Commission president who said that the entry talks will continue. However, Turkey’s EU entry won’t take place at that time. Therefore the EU entry talks will continue regardless of the results.

Ahmed Roual says the Justice and Development Party is a staunch fighter for Turkey’s right to join the European Union. Therefore, the European attitude towards the party must change. This is because the Turkish people have elected it and there must be EU cooperation with the Justice and Development Party as a party and government.

Turkish Army Intervention Ruled Out for the Time Being

Asked about his expectations of a possible intervention from the Turkish army, Roual said :" The army sent a notice to the government late at night. The army usually sends official notices to government when it plans to do something. However, the army chose to send its notice late at night, not in broad daylight, especially that people have shown their full support to the AKP in ballot boxes. Thus, the army has to co-operate with the civil government.

Mostafa Ozkan adds :" I think there will be some kind of stability during the coming two years. This is because the AKP will be flexible and the army won’t oppose it especially after the full mandate given to it through ballot boxes. Two years later, all this may change and the army may clash with the elected government.

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