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More Detention Warrants Against 13 Dakahlia MBs
The crisis of Muslim Brotherhood detainees who were arrested during the Shura Council elections hasn’t
Thursday, June 14,2007 00:00
by Ikhwanweb
The crisis of Muslim Brotherhood detainees who were arrested during the Shura Council elections hasn’t been resolved although these elections ended. This crisis even got complicated after sending five Dakahlia detainees on Thursday to Wadi Al-Natroun prison:
Sherif Mohamed Rashad Al Mougi, from city of Talkha
Ahmed Hassan Shadi, arrested from his workplace in the village of Bahut , Talkha
Al Oteifi Mahmoud Abu Ali
Abdul Fattah Ziada
Essam Moawad Al Sahhar, from district of Mit Ghamr
Also sent to the same prison was Eng. Mohamed Farag, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 election for the constituency of Matariya- he has been detained for more than five months. His 5-month legal provisional detention has ended and they issued another arrest warrant on Thursday and sent him to Wadi Al-Natroun prison.
It is worth mentioning that another group of Daqahlia MB detainees who were arrested during the Shura Council elections were sent on Wednesday to Burj Al-Arab prison after issuing detention warrants against them:
Yasser Nazih Atwa, from district of Shirbin
 Ayman Al-Imam Shaalan, from district of Shirbin
Azmi Mohamed Al Sayed Al Morshedi, from district of Shirbin
Mahmoud Al Shahat Al Mansi, from district of Shirbin
Abdul Fattah Al Garhi, from district of Mit Ghamr
Ahmed Seweilam, from district of Mit Ghamr
Samir Shaban, from district of Mit Ghamr
The number of detainees from the governorate of Dakahlia reached 86, including 14 in Mansoura public prison, 42 in Burj Al-Arab prison, 7 Wadi Al-Natroun prison, in addition to 22 under prosecution custody, 1 detention.
Their following are names of the Dakahlia MB detainees :
Detainees in Mansoura prison public
1-Sayed Talaat, District of Mansoura
2-Mohamed Amr, District of Mansoura
3-Saad Ahmed Saad Al Hasanayn, District of Mansoura
4-Abdul Hamid Abdul Wahab, district of Talkha
5-Mahmoud Ahmed Gad, district of Talkha
6-The religion honored Moawad, district of Talkha
7-Ali Mohamed Al Agmi, district of Talkha
8-Abdullah Abdul Qader, district of Talkha
9-Mohamed Youssef Sonbol, district of Talkha
10-Mahmoud Sonbol Shata, district of Talkha
11-Mahmoud Othman, district of Talkha
12-Hossam Al Shennawi, district of Talkha
13-Ahmed Farouk Sharaf, district of Belqas
14-Hassan Farouk Sharaf district of Belqas
Detainees in district of Belqas:-
1-Al Hefni Al Mahdi Abdul Hadi
2-Al Shirbini Hassan Al Shirbini
Detainees Menyat Al-Nasr:
1-Ahmed on Mohamed, district of Talkha
2-Fathi Abdul Hamid Al Laithi
3-Atiya Saleh Atiya
4-Sheikh. Mohamed Rizk
5-Khaled Fouad
Deatinees in district of Shirbin:-
1-Ayman Shaban Abdul Muttalib, detained for 15 days
2-Abu Bakr Ibrahim Al Tohami
Detainees of Tuma Al Amdid:-
1-Mossad Rizk Al-Sayyed, from district of Talkha.
2-Mohamed Ahmed Shalabi, from district of Talkha.
Detainees of Mansoura First Police Station: June, 13
1-Dr. Maysara Qadry, from district of Talkha, released
Detainees of Dikirnis
1-Haitham Ahmed Abdul Aziz, district of Mit Ghamr
2-Abdul Khalek Madbouli, district of Mit Ghamr
3-Al Baz Mohamed Al Baz, district of Mit Ghamr
4-Mohamed Mahmoud Metwalli, district of Mit Ghamr
5-Sayed Ahmed Ragheb, district of Mit Ghamr
Detainees of district of Demna:-
1-Abdul Aziz Hegazi
2-Hatem Abdul Moneim Hegazi
3-Al-Sayyed Mohamed Ibrahim
4-Mohamed Hussein Nouman
5-Mohamed Magdi Mohamed
6-Ahmed Mokhtar Eliwa
Detainees of Burj Al-Arab:
1-Taha Ahmed Dowidar, district of Shirbin
2-Naim Shawqi Al Blasi, district of Shirbin
3-Mohamed Abdul Hadi Hilal, district of Shirbin
4-Al-Sayyed Abdul Fattah Agiz, district of Shirbin
5-Ezzat Youssef Al-Jazzar, district of Shirbin
6-Ezzat Fawzi Ebeid, district of Shirbin
7-Sami Mohamed Ibrahim Howaidi, district of Shirbin
8-Fathi Abdul Hamid Hussein, district of Shirbin
9-Abdul Rahman Al Metwalli Salem , district of Shirbin
10-Mohamed Farahat Lashin, district of Shirbin
11-Mahmoud Abdul Moneim Khalifa, district of Shirbin
12-Mohamed Talaat Al Saharti, district of Mit Ghamr
13-Magdi Fathi Abu Hussein, district of Mit Ghamr
14-Hossam Al-Sayyad Abdol Qawi, district of Belqas
15 - Ramadan Abu Shoeishaa Abdul Hadi, district of Belqas
16 - Ahmed Hamed Al Khedr, district of Talkha
17 -Nagi Anas Al-Gharrib, district of Belqas
18-Abdul Fattah Hassan Anara
19 -Samir Fathi Abu Hussein
20 -Hani Mostafa Farag Hegazi
21-Mohamed Abdullah Sherif
22 -Magdi Ahmed Salem
23 -Mostafa Ibrahim Al Aedi
24 -Samir Mortada Al Hawari
25 -Mohamed Al Shafie
26 -Ahmed Metwalli Askar, district of Shirbin
27-Mohamed Ahmed Al Zamoukh, district of Shirbin
28-Adel Abdul Raouf Al Baz, district of Shirbin
29 -Mohamed Abdul Wahab Allaam, district of Shirbin
30-Ahmed Mohamed Mogahed, district of Belqas
31-Ahmed Abdul Raouf Hanafi, district of Belqas
32-Ahmed Sayed Abdul Magid Shalabi, district of Belqas
33-Ali Ahmed Mohamed Hammad, district of Belqas
34 -Mohamed Ibrahim Nageh Abdul Gawaad, district of Belqas
35-Khaled Othman, district of Mit Ghamr
36-Yasser Nazih Atwa Hassouna, district of Shirbin
37-Ayman Ahmed Al-Imam Shaalan, district of Shirbin
38-Azmi Mohamed Al Sayed Al Morshedi, district of Shirbin
39-Mahmoud Al Shahat Al Mansi, district of Shirbin
40-Abd Al-Fattah Al-Garhi
41-Ahmed Seweilam
42-Samir Shaban
Detainees of Wadi Al-Natroun:-
1-Bakr Fawzi Fares
2 -Eng. Mohamed Mohamed Abdol Ghani Farag, district of Matariya
3-Sherif Mohamed Rashad Abdul Tawwab, district of Talkha
4-Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Shadi, district of Talkha
5-Al Oteifi Mahmoud Abu Ali, district of Mit Ghamr
6-Abdul Fattah Ziada, district of Mit Ghamr
7-Essam Moawad Al Sahhar, district of Mit Ghamr

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